Douchebag of the Week – Vladimir Putin

Douchebag of the Week! Our winner this week was a runaway victor, no one came close to Vladimir Putin for pure douchebaggery.  Sure, Obama made a lame attempt by having a position on the situation in Georgia, then refining it to make is closer to strong and for his idiotic proposal that senior citizens not pay any taxes.  But no, he lost.  Even the Chinese gave it a go by sending 10 year olds to pass as 16 year olds to win the gymnastics team gold.  Again, and forgive the pun, they fell short.

Putin’s douchebaggery took it to a new level, invading a democratic country and then looting it.  While the world condemned the action, the Russians simply are going deeper and deeper.

They can complain all they want about the media being biased against them, sometimes the media can seem biased against the fat kid just by pointing out the fat kid beat up the kindergartener.

Meanwhile the Russian soldiers are having a good time…

The events leading up to the invasion and since are well documented and don’t need to be recounted here, if you think somehow Georgia picked this fight or had it coming, well, we can’t help you.

Vladimir Putin, you are a complete douchebag anyway, but this week you really took it to a new level.  Kudos to you, you are our Douchebag of the Week.  We’ll mail you the certificate, no need for you to send anyone to pick it up.


1 Response to “Douchebag of the Week – Vladimir Putin”

  1. 1 R
    August 16, 2008 at 1:19 am

    A “democratic country” – Saakashvili took power in a violent coup d’etat after demanding that votes from the Autonomous Republic of Adjaria be invalidated – thrown in the trash. Then he and a mob marched from the Stalin monument in Gori on Tbilisi on his own March on Rome to carry out the coup. Then he arranged an election where he won 96% of the votes – the Adjarians wanted no part of it so he sent in the army and violently ousted the elected President of Adjaria, Aslan Abashidze, and Russia had the humiliation of having to spirit their ally to Moscow…

    He tried the same thing in South Ossetia a little later but realised that he needed more arming and training from the US a la Tudjman circa 1993 prior to his Krajina cleansing before he can carry out his “Storm” – though I’m sure he was pleased when North Ossetian children were massacred in Beslan a few weeks later…

    Later, his co-revolutionary and prime minister died mysteriously of gas poisoning at 4 am… then another one of his people turned against him and a new opposition movement was created. He shut down their TV station and shot at protesters. The leader of the opposition later died in London…

    He later launched his Operation Storm, doing so about 13 years to the day of its completion by Croatian forces in 1995 – like the Croats his plan was to wipe out the capital with massive shelling. Unlike with the Croats, who were not met with a Yugoslavian intervention, Saakashvili had the Russians there to stop him in his tracks.

    So let’s look at Saakashvili – takes power in a March on Rome, rigs elections, overthrows elected leaders because they’re pro-Russian, shuts down TV stations and his opponents die mysteriously and attempts an ethnic cleansing operation in South Ossetia. A model democrat, isn’t he…

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