Is Pelosi really the best the Democrats have to offer as a leader?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi really likes the power she has, even wrote a book about it (though no one seems to have read it).  While traveling the country to promote the book, probably shaking hands with every individual who purchased it, she has been too busy to address the drilling issue (it has to be travel time and not actually signing the few copies that sold that keep her from doing her job) but has enough time to attack Senator Joe Lieberman.

Lieberman, a very liberal Senator run out of the party for not being anti-war (who says liberals are a one trick pony?), has endorsed John McCain for President over Barack Obama.  While Lieberman’s views are much more closely aligned with Obama on everything but the war, Lieberman believes the war is the number one issue and the security of the country is so important that it overrides everything else.  Think of that what you will, you have to admire a man for standing on principle in the face of potential political defeat.  In 2006 he stood strong and was the last man standing.

Now comes confirmation of what has long been speculated at Washington cocktail parties, that if the Democrats win enough seats to hold the majority in the Senate they will strip Lieberman of his committee chairmanship because they will no longer need him.

With friends like these who needs terrorists?


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