Are You Ready To Settle Down For A Good Read?

If you’re looking for a good read DON”T pick up Nancy Pelosi’s new book Know Your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters.  Instead cozy up to your computer and read the online reviews of Pelosi’s new book at Amazon.com.  Here is just a sampling of the well crafted reviews you’ll find there:

  • It just rang hollow to me. I was really hoping for a more compelling read from someone who holds such an important position in our government. After seeing her on The View the other day and liking her, I checked out her book from the library. I read it in a few hours – It didn’t have much substance and left me wondering why she didn’t put more thought or feeling into it if she was going to bother writing a book. Maybe it’s because of the advice she was given by a colleague to keep conversations short… Subject – Question – Reaction, I believe was the advice she cites in the book. That’s how the book reads, kind of like an advertising brochure. Not very satisfying at all.
  • Very tough to get through. Weak and shallow substance. Expected much better and was thoroughly disappointed. Did she really think she had a winner here? Great idea for a book, but zero in the delivery. Could not recommend this to anyone.
  • Nothing you’d want to hand over to your daughter. Pelosi comes across as a very angry person and so who wants to turn their kid into a nutcase. Many other mentors exist in the world more worthy of your child’s eyes to read.
  • This book is completely unnecessary to read. It’s boring, uninformative and condescending to readers. Madeleine Albright she is not. Save your money and skip this book.

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