Most “on the nose” Drudge headlines ever: “Paris Supporst Drilling”

In an attempt to make fun of John McCain, noted, um, (insert your own adjective here), Paris Hilton (left, looking for oil and “supporting drilling”) inadvertently expressed support for his energy plan, basically everything now and later. No one expects Paris to be a genius, or even of average intelligence, but the theory that even a stopped clock is right twice a day applies to her, too. While trying to make a joke she actually makes a point: Obama’s “energy plan” is the real joke.

Sure, he has sort of flip-flopped on offshore drilling, but not really, he still opposes nuclear power and just about anything with a realistic chance of lowering energy prices in our lifetimes. But he does want to tax oil companies to give money to everyone, which will cause oil prices to go higher. The complete stupidity of his “plan” is amazing, but typical of Democrats. Tax people through the nose, then when that slows the economy, give them rebates through what they call “stimulus packages.” If giving people back some of the money the government took from them is a good way to stimulate the economy, logic dictates that not taking so much of it in the first place would also be good for the economy. It would also make people less dependent upon government, which liberals can’t have, so it’s a non-starter.

If this logic ever occurs to the masses it will be the end of the “progressive movement” in the United States and their socialist agenda will go the way it is everywhere else it is being tried, the ash heap of history.


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