Douchebag of the Week: The Oregon Health Plan.

Douchebag of the Week!It was a close race this week with Barack Obama almost going back to back thanks to his race card politics because, let’s face it, accusing pretty much everyone who opposes you of being a racist is pretty freaking douchey.  But no, this week saw a late entrant into the fray walk away with the award: the Oregon Health Plan.

The Oregon Health Plan is socialized medicine for the poor in Oregon, a very left-wing state.  Why would a health plan for the poor with Douchebag of the Week?  Because, just like every socialized health plan system (Canada, Great Briton, Medicare, Obama’s plan) when the government sets the agenda, determines what will and won’t be covered, people suffer needlessly while bureaucrats cash their checks for acting like mindless robots.

The latest victim of socialized medicine is Barbara Wagner who suffers from lung cancer.  She’d beaten it once but, as is too often the case, the cancer returned.  As a victim of, er, recipient of socialize medicine from Oregon, she was told that she was pretty much SOL.  There was a drug out there for her type of cancer now that would slow its growth and prolong her life, and who knows, there may well be another, better treatment that could save it developed while she was being treated.  Only problem is the Oregon Health Plan doesn’t allow that.  Terminal cancer, no matter how slow-growing, is still terminal.  The state sees no benefit if treating someone who is going to die, and no benefit is code for cost saving measures because “free” medicine always costs more than the kind people have to pay for.  Barbara was screwed.

The state was kind enough to inform her via letter that they would provide her with drugs to make her suffering less painful, keep her doped up while she waited to die, and that they would also pay for her to commit suicide with the help of a doctor, just not cover the drug that could prolong and improve the quality of her life.  That’s so sweet, isn’t it?

If Obama wins and liberals get the socialized system they want, the one citizens with the means in those countries they use as examples flee to seek treatment here if they have the means, expect to become familiar with letters featuring language like this:

Treatment of advanced cancer that is meant to prolong life, or change the course of this disease, is not a covered benefit of the Oregon Health Plan,” said the unsigned letter Wagner received…

It’s essentially this, “It costs too much to save or prolong your life and we’d rather build bike paths and regulate business than pay for it, but thanks for playing and good luck!”  This is all too typical in a socialized system.

Think this is just an isolated case?  Ask Randy Stroup who found out the OHP wouldn’t pay for the chemo for is prostate cancer.  Tell him he’s an isolated case.  Bet you’re half right, he feels isolated as hell.

And what of these great examples of socialism liberals hold up as something to aspire to?  Over in England there is the story of Trizka Litton who needed a simpler hernia operation, something done daily in this country on an out-patient basis (you’d run risk of waiting longer for an oil change here than a hernia operation).  Well, thanks to rationing, Trizka had to wait 7 months!  Actually, she had waited 7 months and had enough waiting, the pain to great to continue to wait, that she mixed up a batch of fake blood and claimed she vomited it up to get emergency surgery.

Then there’s the Canadian health care system, also called Medicare, where until a few years ago it was illegal to pay for something out of pocket if it was covered by their socialized system just to make it fair.  That way people who could afford it couldn’t go to a doctor and get cuts in line for their treatment.  It’s a fair system, everyone suffers equally.  Thankfully that law was overturned and Canadians are now free to buy treatment on their own and escape socialized hell.  This has caused outrage among the leftists to our north, seem they prefer a system where a rising tide sinks all boats better.

These are just a few examples of the failures of socialized medicine, there are many more out that you can easily find.  But you won’t find them all, and it won’t be for a lack of looking.  The most egregious ones result in death, not many dead people can complain, and since their families were kept in the dark about the treatments the doctors weren’t allowed to consider, they know no better either.

The Oregon Health Plan is a cautionary tale for all Americans tempted by they allure of “free” health care for all, or free anything for all; it simply doesn’t work, it’s not “free” and in most cases ends up cost a lot more in more ways than you can imagine.

It is for the plight of Randy Stroup, Barbara Wagner and who knows how many others out there that the Oregon Heath Plan is this week’s Douchebag of the Week.

On a positive note, the evil drug company (don’t you read the papers or listen to Democrats talk about “Big Pharma?) that makes the cancer treatment Barbara needs has stepped up and is giving it to her for free.  Those evil bastards!  Hopefully another company will be just as “evil” to Randy before it’s too late.


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