Wrothy Reads.

Government Is the Source of Housing Problems, Not the Solution. Tom Sowell explains how politicians caused the turmoil in housing markets with misguided (is there any other kind?) intervention…

Worthy Reads
Tax Competition Is a Driving Force for Good Tax Policy. The best evidence for tax competition being a positive force is that politicians from high-tax jurisdictions are opposed to governments competing with each other. The second best evidence for tax competition is that politicians often do the right thing only after other politicians lower tax rates and force them to keep pace. Reports from Canada, for instance, demonstrate that the potential for a flat tax in New Brunswick already is compelling politicians in neighboring provinces to consider similar, pro-growth reforms…

Schwarzenegger’s Spending Binge. Voters in California got rid of former Governor Gray Davis in a recall election, but they may have jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been far more irresponsible with taxpayer money, boosting state spending by record amounts. Investor’s Business Daily has the sad details…

Lower Tax Rates Are the Best Way to Soak the Rich. The Wall Street Journal analyzes new IRS data and finds that the 2003 tax rate reductions resulted in more revenue from the so-called rich…

Voters Reject Pork. Pat Toomey of the Club for Growth unveils a new poll showing that voters overwhelmingly prefer less wasteful spending, notwithstanding the rationalizations in Washington that pork-barrel projects are the best way to get reelected…

California Elitists Seek More Control over Lives of Ordinary People. Jerry Brown was known as Gov. Moonbeam when he served as chief executive of California. He’s now Attorney General, but his collectivist thinking has not changed. He wants to use the coercive power of government to herd people out of the suburbs and into what is known as high-density housing. Supposedly, this will reduce global warming. Not only is the science rather suspect, as the Wall Street Journal explains, but elitists like Attorney General Brown rarely practice what they preach…


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