Douchebag of the Week: Barack Obama

Douchebag of the Week!Our winner this week has won in the past and will, no doubt, win again in the future because he is a monumental douchebag.  But, as loyal readers know, this award is not given out to the biggest living douchebag on the planet at the end of every week otherwise we’d just call the award The Al Gore Award, it is based upon everyone’s actions throughout that particular week.  Barack Obama was the biggest douchebag this week by far, therefore he wins.  Congratulations, Barack.

To clarify, Obama didn’t win because he’s on a “give me credibility by proxy” tour of Europe, getting his picture taken with world leaders in the hope that people might see him as one himself, nor did he win because of his idiotic “Israel is a strong friend of Israel” line.  Not even his refusal to answer reporter’s questions or even allow them to accompany him on certain parts of his trip for fear of getting an ear full from troops who support the surge, meaning someone who wasn’t hand-picked might have made it through the screening process.  No, he’s not this week’s biggest douchebag because of those things, though they do make him one.

He’s the Douchebag of the Week because he scrapped plans to visit wounded soldiers in Germany.

“Senator Obama did not want to have a trip to see our wounded warriors perceived as a campaign event when his visit was to show his appreciation for our troops and decided instead not to go,” Obama advisor, retired Gen. Scott Gration, said in a statement.

Here’s an idea, Barack, just go on your own with the Secret Service.  Blowing them off is not showing them respect, it’s being a douchebag.  If you really gave a damn about he troops you would simply visit them and not tell the world you’re doing it.  Announcing you don’t want to be recognized for your charity work while talking about it and pointing it out to the world is not charity work, it’s PR.

The Obama campaign tried to spin it as though they were told he couldn’t go because, well, the story makes him look like an ass.  But the truth has a funny way of coming out and they now have egg on their faces:

“We made it clear to him that campaign staff and press would not be permitted to accompany him,” Morrell said of Obama. “We relayed those ground rules. They made a choice based upon the information we relayed to them. It was their choice. We had nothing to do with it.”

So he could have gone, he just would have had to leave his minions and fawning media sycophants behind to do it and that is just a bridge too far for Obama. What a complete and total opportunistic jackass.

It is for this act alone that Barack Obama is by far the unanimous winner of the Douchebag of the Week Award.  Shame on you, Barack!


3 Responses to “Douchebag of the Week: Barack Obama”

  1. July 25, 2008 at 8:15 pm

    This is yet another stretch by Republicans who know their party is sunk. The Obama campaign was directed by The Pentagon to not visit the soldiers in Germany.

  2. 2 Eddy Kennedy
    July 25, 2008 at 8:19 pm

    Yes, that’s exactly what the Pentagon says, ass. Read the links, douchebag. They said no such thing, just that you can’t bring campaign staff or reporters. So if it was about the soldiers he would have ditched his entourage and gone to see them. It wasn’t, it was about the visual, so he didn’t go. He is the douchebag of the year!

  3. 3 NAU
    July 26, 2008 at 8:17 pm

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