Worthy Reads.

England Attracting the Wrong Kind of Tourists. European integration is a mixed bag. It is a big free-tradeWorthy Reads zone, which is good. There is also very active tax competition between nations, which is very good. In general, though, European integration is part of creating an unwieldy superstate run by bureaucrats from Brussels. One interesting aspect of integration is that scam artists are quickly learning which nations have the biggest (and dumbest) welfare systems. Many of these people have moved to the United Kingdom, for instance, though the gravy train may soon be derailed because even the Labour Party government recognizes that there is a problem..

One Set of Rules for the Peasantry, Another Set for the Political Elite. Until the seedy practice was exposed, the host committee for the Democratic national convention in Denver was dodging state and federal taxes by filling its cars using city pumps. Defenders of this scam tried to say the GOP elites were doing the same thing in Minneapolis (plausible, but not true in this instance). They also have the absurd excuse that city pumps were being used for security purposes (I suppose we should be happy that these nonentities are not demanding 24-hour police protection)…

Forget Drinking and Driving, Don’t Mix Bureaucracy and Air Travel. A television station in Chicago exposes some of the unavoidable consequences of giving power to bureaucrats. While it is amusing to point out the inefficiency and idiocy of the Transportation Security Administration, let’s also remember that airport security personnel are only federal bureaucrats because President Bush rolled over and signed a bad bill. Just like he did on education. Just like he did on agriculture. Just like he did on transportation. Just like he did on Medicare. Just like he’s about to do on housing. One would almost think there’s a pattern in these decisions…


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