Barack is not very bright – Obama Gaffes

Since Barack Obama said this week that Israel is a strong friend of Israel’s, unlike all the self-loathing countries out there who would attack themselves if given the chance, we thought we’d post some of his other greatest hits just you remember that he’s the Democrat’s Dan Quayle.


1 Response to “Barack is not very bright – Obama Gaffes”

  1. July 24, 2008 at 7:32 pm

    These are a stretch, and provide such relevance into domestic and foreign policy. The desperation on the right is almost painful to watch, if as the last 7+ years weren’t painful enough. Recognizing that your candidate is an old man, who’s gaffes are so great, that maps, religious sects, race, sex, the economy, and technology are just examples of a man out of touch, and foolish. Recognize this, and begin the quest of your next “Communicator”, until then, well, I am sure resembling a “Party of “Whiners” is a party line you must’ve thought was reserved for Democrats. Ha.

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