Al Gore: $4 gas is “an opportunity” (to make him even more money).

Former Vice-President Al Gore wants the United States to be free of oil use in 10 years when it comes to production of electricity.  That’s an ambitious goal, and unlikely since he opposes nuclear power and only supports wind and solar power, neither of which are capable of pull off the job since wind doesn’t always blow, the sun sets and there is no way to store energy, but that doesn’t stop him from making these ridiculous statements or the media from reporting them.

The laws of physics prove you cannot store energy without massive losses in output, something Gore should have learned in high school.  But having hundreds of millions of dollars invested in companies that would profit wildly from a massive government influx of cash seems to have cost Gore much of his memory.

Of current energy prices, Gore said, “I have never seen an opportunity for the country like the one that’s emerging now.”  Yay!  Since he called for massive tax increases in his book, Earth in the Balance, to force people to use less, one can understand why he’s as happy as he is about the current situation.   Since the earth has been cooling since 1998 while CO2 output has increased, thanks to China and India, one can only wonder why anyone still listens to Al Gore on the issue.


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