Out of sight, out of mind – the homeless and the Democratic Convention.

in an attempt to keep the homeless of Denver from putting a stain on Barack Obama’s coronation, liberals have come up with a way to “solve” the homeless problem in that city; send them to the movies.  It’s air conditioned, dark (so sleeping will be easy) and has $10 popcorn and other things most homeless can’t afford.  Hey, wait a second…

That’s right, to keep the homeless off the street during the convention they’re going to give out movie passes, passes to the zoo and passes to museums.  We weren’t aware that all the homeless were really lacking was entertainment dollars and culture, so that’s good to know.

This is typical of the campaign the libs are running this year, put out something with a nice shine on it but it means absolutely nothing.

A 17 year old volunteer at a homeless shelter, Kanye Coy, even sees through this scam.  “It just sounds like another way to get rid of them.”  It is, Kanye, it is.


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