80’s pop band banned in Atlanta? Not quite, just the PC police imposing their will on others.

Discrimination is an abomination, if you’re a sexist or racist you’re a jackass.  But claiming either of those doesn’t make the accusation so.  After all, they’re easy to claim and nearly impossible to disprove.  Enter Atlanta.

Anyone who has driven in car has seen the “Men at Work” signs warning you that people are working on the road ahead and don’t be a jerk and fly through the zone, though the doubled fines are usually more of a deterrent.  Well, woman named Cynthia Good didn’t look at those signs and think, “hey, I’d better be more alert, don’t want to kill anyone,” she looked at them and saw sexism!

Good started complaining about the signs because they weren’t gender inclusive and got the city to change them all.  As stupid as that is, Good isn’t done yet.

“We’re calling on the rest of the nation to follow suit and make a statement that we will not accept these subtle forms of discrimination.”

Discrimination to whom?  Who reads a road sign and gets pissed?  After she changes all of these signs across the country, and we think she will because she doesn’t seem to have a life and politicians are spineless, will she go after every town named Mansfield?  Where does it end? 

Hey, Cindy Good, you clearly have issues but stop inflicting your neurosis on others and get a life!  It’s not like the world is like this anymore!


1 Response to “80’s pop band banned in Atlanta? Not quite, just the PC police imposing their will on others.”

  1. February 13, 2011 at 2:27 pm

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