Obama: Americans who aren’t bilingual are an embarrassment.

Doing his best to embrace the elitist label, Barack Obama went off on how stupid and embarrassing it is to have Americans travel to Europe and not be able to speak with the natives in their language.  He also says that he favors immigrants learning English, and that they will (though there are many millions who don’t), but that American children need to learn Spanish.  Why is that?  Most people will never travel abroad, so being bilingual won’t really come in handy for people, and if you want to learn a language that will actually be marketable and put you in demand in the future economy, learn Chinese, not Spanish, German or French. 

But first, before you do any of that, learn English.  How many people born in this country lack the ability to communicate in our common language?  Walk through a mall and just listen to kids talking.  A huge percentage of them sound as though they’ve suffered a closed head injury.  If you can’t communicate in your native tongue should you really try to learn another?  It doesn’t matter what you speak, as long as you can speak clearly.

Fire all the English teachers and start over!


2 Responses to “Obama: Americans who aren’t bilingual are an embarrassment.”

  1. 1 dees nuts
    July 11, 2008 at 6:16 pm

    why is it wrong to be embarrassed that Americans go to Europe and can’t speak or ewven try to speak the native language.WE are the most powerful country and are scholastic scores fall next to third world countries why can’t we want to be better?

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