Jesse Jackson assumes Obama has nuts to cut off in the first place.

Noted race baiter, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, was overheard saying that he wanted to cut Barack Obama’s nuts off because he’s “been talking down to black people.”  “Talking down to black people” is code for not kissing up to Jesse Jackson enough, a “crime” for which many people are guilty in Jackson world.  Fear not for Jesse, generally those found guilty of such offenses are fined significantly by Jackson’s various organizations.

Jackson has since apologized:

“I have great passion for this campaign and traveled across the country … arguing the case for the campaign,” Jackson said. “And this thing I said in a hot-mic statement that’s interpreted as a distraction, I offer apology for that. I don’t want harm or hurt to come to this campaign.”

He’s sorry it was overheard, what a hero!

We’d like to think the confession that he is actively working on behalf of the campaign will cost Jackson his tax-exempt status since, well, it’s illegal for tax-exempt organizations are barred from partisan activity (though the fact that he still has tax-exempt status is a testament to the irrationality and bias of the IRS).

Jackson also said:

“My support for Senator Obama’s campaign is wide, deep and unequivocal,” he said in his statement. “I cherish this redemptive and historical moment.”

What’s redemptive about it?  We aren’t Klingons, we aren’t responsible for the sins of our fathers.  And isn’t it about time to get over skin color as something to either celebrate or hold someone back for?  How many people of various races or genders have to accomplish something the vast majority of people will never come close to before people stop giving an damn about race or gender?  The mere fact that he’s gotten the nomination of major party is pretty amazing since 99.999999999999999999% of us will never meet anyone who does, let alone do it ourselves.

A world like that would bring about the end of race baiters like Jesse Jackson, so he can’t let that happen.  That pretty much means the media won’t allow it to happen either.

Just for fun, go check out the comments on the Huffington Post.  Jackson, a well known socialist, is told to “Just shut up until the election is over.”  See, they know what Obama stands for.


1 Response to “Jesse Jackson assumes Obama has nuts to cut off in the first place.”

  1. July 11, 2008 at 7:27 pm

    OBH was looking down on church-going people from PA. Now he is looking down on another constituency. Does this mean that Mr. Himeytown will not be in BHO’s cabinet. I was not shocked by the statement, but I was surprised he ended his sentence with the preposition “off”. Shouldn’t it be “I want to cut off his nuts”?

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