Approval Ratings: Congress 9 percent, plague 12 percent.

Democrats sure know how to run a ship…straight into the ground.  After years of wishing for higher gas prices (see Al Gore’s Earth in the Balance) to fend off doomsday scenarios that are slowly being exposed as fraudulent, engaging in trade battles with our allies that cost us manufacturing jobs and countless over “feel good” measures that damage our economy and country, they’ve finally set the United States on the path towards their Utopia – total government dependence by enough voters to sustain their majority.  But a funny thing happened on the way…people didn’t like it.

Aside from their claim to want to rid the US of foreign oil by somehow creating energy from sources that don’t exist or can’t produce enough energy charge a battery while refusing to do the one thing we know for sure will do that: drill for the oil we have here, their government managed everything else is falling apart elsewhere.

Medicare and Medicaid are often held out as wonderful examples of how health care should be, “free” to everyone of a certain age or income.  That’s all well and good on paper but, just like communism and socialism, they don’t even come close to working in the real world.  More and more doctors are opting out of Medicare and Medicaid because of the price control scheme they employ to shave money off the bottom line.  But they don’t call it price controls because Americans inherently know those scams don’t work, so they call it “reimbursement.”  This is how government, especially big government, works; they can’t all it what it is so they cook up a nice sounding name that makes it seem as though they’re paying the doctors back for some cash they borrowed or something they expensed.  It’s price controls, plain and simple. 

Bureaucrats set the “reimbursement” rates for damn near every service Medicare and Medicaid agree to cover (and that is just a fraction of the services available, by the way) to whatever they think it’s worth.  Not what it costs, what they think it’s worth.  Doctors are having enough and refusing to accept Medicare and Medicaid patients.  Who would operate at a loss simply because some faceless person you’ve never met before decides the value of a service you provide? 

But fear not, people, this wonderful system is what liberals propose for all of us!  See, it’s not unfair if everyone suffers equally. 

It could be argued that liberals are simply ignorant of the facts on health care, but the facts are out there in every person from Canada sent to the United States for cancer treatment because the wait time in Canada is too long, or person in Great Briton who cooks up a batch of fake blood to get a simple hernia operation, so there’s no way they don’t know.  The real truth is they don’t care.  It’s an opportunity to seize more power and more of our money for whatever unconstitutional social program they want to fund.  Besides, socialize medicine is great for when you have a headache or broken arm, it really only screws you over when you’re actually sick with something life-threatening, and those people die, therefore they can’t vote against you. 

It’s as big of a scam as global warming, but this one will actually effect each and every one of us if they’re allowed to get their way.

Liberals have been luck so far, people’s anger has been directed towards the President as well as Congress, so they haven’t gotten the full credit for their agenda, yet.  But if Obama wins in the fall there will be no one left to blame once enough time passes and the “it was really screwed up when we got here” mantra starts to wear thin.

In the meantime, hopefully, a true small government, pro individual, free-market leader will emerge to lead the country back from the brink of the great mistake before it’s too late.


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