The global warming myth continues to hit home.

Global warming is freezing us to death!

Oh global warming, is there nothing you’re not responsible for?  You’re blamed for hot days, cold days, rainy days, drought, fires, pretty much everything that has caused problems for humans since the dawn of time, only this time we have a scapegoat, you.  And, by extension, capitalism. 

Now global warming is being blamed for the rising cost of hurricane insurance because it may cause more and stronger hurricanes, even though there is no evidence and the last 2 years have been really slow for them.  But the environuts can’t complain about it without undercutting their own religion – that global warming is going to kill us all if we don’t ruin our economy, or something close to that.  So the hurricane insurance industry is taking advantage of what these lefties put in front of them.  Look for other industries to take advantage of these sorts of opportunities in the future.  It’s hilarious when liberal’s plans backfire.

Also, dear, sweet global warming, you are responsible for the floods in the Midwest, or so it would seem.  But it is highly doubtful a jury would or could convict you for this one since, well, rivers flood, and they tend to flood areas in the flood plain.  strange how that works out. 

You have to love this quote from Amanda Staudt, a “climate scientist.” 

Although no single weather event can be attributed to global warming, it’s critical to understand that a warming climate is supplying the very conditions that fuel these kinds of weather events.”

Allow us to translate:  Since these things have happened since the beginning of time and we have no actual proof of man-made global warming, we’ll just say it seems like this is global warming’s fault and leave it at that safe in the knowledge that the media is fully in the tank for us.  PS, please give me a government grant so I can study something we’ve claimed is settled science even longer.

What a scam.  Why this is a news story is anyone’s guess.


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