Worthy Reads.

Worthy Reads

More Evidence for Lowering the Corporate Tax Rate. The Wall Street Journal editorial page comments on the overwhelming success of the 2005 experiment of lowering the double-taxation of income earned abroad by U.S. companies, and correctly notes that America’s punitive corporate tax rate should be lowered…

Garbage Fascism. The New York Times reports on the nightmare facing Britons now that misguided environmental policies have created garbage police…

Credit Card Price Controls Will Be Bad for American Consumers. The economics profession may not agree on much, but virtually every economist will explain that price controls are misguided. Every time politicians have intervened and tried to rig prices, the results have been unpleasant – as confirmed by 4,000 years of evidence. But real-world evidence is no obstacle when politicians are trying to buy votes, so the House of Representatives is considering legislation to limit the fees that credit card companies can charge merchants. Investor’s Business Daily explains why this is foolish…

Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Redistribution. In some heartening news, new poll results from Gallup show that Americans decisively reject redistributionist policies by an 84 percent-13 percent margin. Even Democrats prefer that government focuses on growth rather than redistribution by a margin of 77 percent-19 percent. A blogger for the New Republic claims the question was poorly worded, but that seems like wishful thinking. People were basically asked whether government should focus on making the pie bigger or focus on re-slicing the pie, and the results are very encouraging…


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