Worthy Reads.

Will Obama Turn America into Argentina? One hundred years ago, Argentina was one of the world’s most prosperous nations. But politicians then dramatically expanded the size and scope of government intervention and the South American nation has paid a heavy price. Mary Anastasia O’Grady of the Wall Street Journal looks at Argentina’s decline and is troubled by the similarities between Barack Obama and the collectivists that ruined Argentina…Worthy Reads

Should America Be More Like Europe? As Thomas Sowell explains in Investor’s Business Daily, America should only copy Europe’s collectivist policies if the goal is lower living standards and higher unemployment…

NASA’s Climate Totalitarianism. The First Amendment does not apply to the debate over global warming, at least according to one of the bureaucrats at NASA who thinks skeptics should be put on trial. Investor’s Business Daily correctly condemns this jackboot mentality, but one also wonders why taxpayers should be paying for bureaucrats who seek to push an ideological agenda…

Another Case Study of How Government Intervention Backfires. One of the less-publicized subplots of the housing crisis is the way credit-rating agencies did a bad job. But nobody can fire them because their roles are protected by government favoritism. The Wall Street Journal explains…

Senator Obama’s Awful Social Security Tax Scheme. Larry Lindsey already has explained why Senator Obama’s proposed Social Security tax hike is misguided. Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Donald Luskin now weighs in and explains that the scheme may be even worse that previously thought…


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