The New Republic displays the can’t do spirit that made this country great!

The collective brainpower of the left turned on a light bulb that you can see if you squint. Or it might just be sunspots. This thinking also demonstrates why the right has been winning the battle of ideas for a long time now.

The editors at The New Republic have come together to tell us why we should not develop 800 billion barrels of oil in the continental U.S via oil shale – because we cannot do it efficiently yet. There’s the spirit that made America great.

What if we apply that logic to anything and everything else? What we cannot do efficiently, we should just stop doing, shrug, pack our bags, and go home. Tell the Wright Brothers they’re clowns because man had been trying to fly for over 100 years (ask DaVinci). We should have stopped treating diseases long ago, and told all the sick and dying to tough it out because we cannot treat them efficiently. Humanity should lie down and submit to despots, because there is no perfect and efficient way to rid the world of despots.

TNR’s second argument is that oil shale will emit more greenhouse gases than conventional oil. The same greenhouse gases that have caused the IPCC chair to admit that there has been no significant cooling since 1998? The same greenhouse gasses that promise 15 more years of cooling before they magically heat up again?

And that’s it. That’s all they have. Those are the rock solid reasons per the left that we should leave oil shale in the ground, and continue to starve the world while we burn their corn for trips to the shopping mall.

As almost anyone can see by reading the article, there’s no reason not to drill for oil shale.

We have yet to check and see if the words are original or simply pasted from the latest Al Gore speech…


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