Worthy Reads.

Is Obama Another Elitist Limousine Leftist? The left in America pretends to care about poor people, but many Worthy Readsof them seem more interested in serving the interests of powerful lobbies such as trial lawyers and teacher unions. The education issue is a great example. Leftists such as Ted Kennedy and Al Gore have been fierce opponents of school choice and other proposals to reduce the power of the government education monopoly. Yet they send their children to private school. There was some slender hope that Senator Obama would not be similarly hypocritical, but a column in the Wall Street Journal suggests that he believes in private schooling for his kids but not for poor kids…

TSA Bureaucrats Run Amok. Walter Williams years ago decided to no longer fly commercial because of the mindless bureeaucratic idiocy of the Transportation Security Administration. In his Townhall.com column, he notes that passengers are four times more likely to complain about TSA than about airlines…

Drug War Myths. John Stossel dismembers the assertions used to justify the war on drugs. His argument is not that drugs are good, but instead that the criminalization of drugs does more damage…


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