Worthy Reads.

Gordon Brown’s Statist Tax Policy Leading Labour Party to Defeat. The UK Conservative Party is ratherWorthy Reads hapless, but the Labour government appears intent of committing electoral suicide by over-taxing and over-spending. A columnist explains in the Wall Street Journal…

European Parliamentarians United Against Press Freedom. With a nearly unanimous vote, the European Parliament’s culture committee (yes, they really do have such a superfluous body) has voted to condemn profit making by the press. This seems motivated by a combination of anti-market sentiment and hostility to an independent press. The EU Observer reports…

Higher Minimum Wage Causing Economic Misery. The combination of President Bush and a Democratic Congress is bad news for younger workers and others on the lower rungs of the economic ladder. As Investor’s Business Daily explains, higher minimum wage mandates are pricing many workers out of jobs…

The Moral Bankruptcy of Entitlements. John Stossel’s column cuts right to the heart of the injustice of allowing the politically favored to be “entitled” to the earnings of others…

Another Excellent Study from NCPA. The left is fixated on income inequality, largely because of either spite or because of a failure to understand that a growing economic pie allows everyone to get richer. A new study from the National Center for Policy Analysis explores the issue, noting that households that don’t work obviously tend to be in the poorest quintile…


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