The push to kill the Fairness Doctrine.

Sad but true.

There was a big press conference on the Hill yesterday to mount pressure on Members of Congress who voted for a one year ban on the so-called Fairness Doctrine, but have yet to sign on for a permanent ban.  The conference was led by Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN) and you can listen to the audio here.

The Fairness Doctrine is an out-dated federal regulation that used to require equal time for all issues on the airwaves, meaning 3 hours of Rush Limbaugh would either have to be “balanced” with 3 hours of some lefty or Rush would have to have a lefty in studio with him to make it kosher with the feds.  It would make the federal government de facto program director of all talk radio.  Anyone interested in freedom should be outraged by that prospect returning.

There is a new website that just launched that exposes those who would pay lip-service to free speech but not stand up for it, the Hypocrisy Caucus.  Check it out and see where your Member of Congress stands.  If they’re wrong, let them know.

By the way, McCain is opposed to the Fairness Doctrine and Obama has yet to say anything on it.


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