Worthy Reads.

Global Financial Regulation Is the Wrong Approach. A report from the Financial Times notes that the head ofWorthy Reads. the NY Fed wants global financial regulation. This would be a big mistake, both because it would cripple regulatory competition and because it would increase systemic risk by eliminating diversification of regulatory risk…

France Makes Tax Harmonization Top Priority. The fact that France is pushing for tax harmonization is not surprising. Nor is it surprising that pro-harmonization officials are hiding their intentions in hopes of tricking Irish voters into supporting the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty. The Irish-based Independent reports…

Biased Anti-Tax Competition Article from Christian Science Monitor. A blatantly one-sided article from the CSM naively regurgitates Senator Levin’s laughably inaccurate guess about offshore tax evasion. The article also notes that Senator Obama attacks Ugland House in the Cayman Islands because many companies are registered at its address, but makes no mention of the fact that there are addresses in Delaware that have far more registered companies…

Wall Street Journal Warns Against 1970s-Style Economic Policy. A hard-hitting editorial in the WSJ correctly complains about the unhealthy combination of inflationary monetary policy and Keynesian fiscal policy…


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