Stupid kid + dumb parents = lawsuit.

This is your brain on stupidity.The happy family.

Everyone knows the Darwin Awards, the annual prize given to idiots who die in ways that defy logic or common sense.  Well, it seems there may be a need for a runner-up prize for morons who nearly die doing stupid things that should have killed them.

Case in point, an 8 year old in Indiana ate 30 magnets and steel balls that were part of a toy set because they “looked like candy.”  Forget the fact that the kid is 8 and should know better and think about the fact that the kid ate 30 of them!  After one, shouldn’t the disgusting taste of metal been a tip off that they weren’t candy?  What kind of candy are they giving this kid?  Wood-chips?  Dog crap?  How can anyone, no matter the age, confuse metal with candy?

The parents were outraged, not at the complete lack of common sense (and aparently tastebuds) in their daughter, but at the toy company.  Here’s what the father said:

“These are high intensity magnets. There are so many parents out there that have no idea that these toys — it just takes two magnets to kill someone. … And because they are so easy to swallow … (Mega Brands hasn’t) done enough. Now, Mega … has said that, coming out in July of ’08, next month, that they have a completely redesigned magnetic set that contains no magnetic parts that can be swallowed. … They obviously feel that there’s an issue.”

Obviously there is an issue…with your daughter.  Get her tested to see if she has the ability to taste, if she does, well, this A and B student is most likely the victim of social promotion because she’s dumb.  If she doesn’t, let her know that you don’t eat toy parts.  Though that seems to be a lesson she has learned the hard way.  It now just remains to be seen if it sticks.

Expect a lawsuit.


2 Responses to “Stupid kid + dumb parents = lawsuit.”

  1. April 21, 2011 at 11:40 am

    Shouldn’t have swallowed those magnets lol.
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