Hillary Clinton to call it a day?

Is this the end for Hillary?  Maybe not.While it seemed as though this day would never come, it has; Hillary Clinton is set to end her bid for the White House today, according to the Associated Press, anyway.

While not officially dropping out of the race, she is set to admit the fact that the sun rises in the east, the moon impacts the tides, the sky is blue and Barack Obama has enough delegates to win the Democratic nomination for President.  Oddly enough, it was the superdelegates and not the will of the people that got her to this point, something nearly all left-wing talking heads were saying should not happen.

So, while she is simply admitting the fact that Obama will probably be the nomination, she isn’t officially ending her campaign.  Sure, she needs to raise some cash to pay off a lot of debt, but more than that, he has a lot of issues that have yet to be explored by anyone in the media.  How many more are out there?  Something may well blow up between now and the convention that makes Obama seem even less electable than he does now. 

Hillary isn’t stupid, she’s going to stick around for if and when that happens.


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