Worthy reads.

Absurd “Windfall” Profits Taxes. John Stossel shreds the silly thinking of Senators Obama and Clinton (and Worthy Reads.others), who want to impose higher taxes on energy companies when prices exceed an arbitrary level…

Politicians Taxing Michigan to Death. The Wall Street Journal analyzes the negative effects of Governor Granholm’s tax-and-spend policies in Michigan…

Eastern Europe Trying to Restore Market Forces to Health Care. The New York Times has an interesting article on efforts in nations such as Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic to have consumers pay for health care services. Though the reforms are unpopular, they do seem to work. The article also is interesting since it acknowledges that the flat tax has helped Slovakia boom…

Is EU Savings Tax Directive Dead on Arrival? Tax-news.com reports that both Switzerland and Luxembourg have unambiguously stated that they will not weaken their financial privacy laws. Combined with the opposition of Hong Kong and Singapore, this means Europe’s high-tax nations will have to lower tax rates if they want to stop the flow of capital to jurisdictions with better tax law…

Battle for Health Insurance Freedom in New Jersey. Statist politicians in New Jersey have caused big increases in the cost of health insurance by imposing costly mandates. The system is now so broken that there is some possibility that state politicians will consider restoring the freedom (supposedly guaranteed in ther Constitution) to trade across state lines so that consumers can buy insurance from providers in states with less regulation. The Wall Street Journal opines favorably…


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