Scott McClellan: Show me the money!

Raise your hand if you're a douchebag!

Pretty trendy to be bashing Scott McClellan right now, but we are really flabbergasted by what a f-ing choch this guy is. If this is how he feels that he’s a coward for not quitting the administration much earlier. Actually, coward is the wrong word. He has blood on his hands. Furthermore, if you want to claim to be some white knight getting the truth out then you don’t do it in a fashion that you make a quick buck off of.

Which leaves us with the alternative which is that this guy actually has the capacity to work with a group of people for seven years, in long hours and tense situations, presumably make some meaningful friendships, and then throw everybody under the bus for a payout. What an absolutely miserable human being. Here’s to hoping he lives out his days in an unfulfilling and lonely fashion. But, if history is any guide, we’ll soon see him blogging for Arianna Huffington or the start of McClellanpost.com for all your “I’m a complete douchebag” needs.

Here is Rove’s response…


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