Worthy Reads.

The Barber Police Protect the Citizens of Houma, LA. These posts generally comments on national and Worthy Reads.international economic policies, but sometimes there are developments at the sub-national level that require attention. A good example is the utterly absurd law against Sunday and Monday haircuts in Houma, Louisiana. This law apparently was imposed after pressure from hair cutters trying to thwart competition. The good news is that the local prosecutor is refusing to pursue the charges. Wtop.com reports…

The Terminator Is not Protecting California Taxpayers. The number of state bureaucrats is growing in California, and so is the number who receive excessive salaries. The total cost for bureaucrat compensation has jumped by 37 percent during Schwarzenegger’s first four years after rising only 5 percent in the preceding four years. Even more shocking, the number of bureaucrats getting more the $200,000 annually has skyrocketed, climbing from “less than 10 to more than 1,000. Arnold Schwarzenegger is very brave fighting in the movies, but he apparently has scant courage when he fights government employee unions. The San Francisco Chronicle has the sad details…

A Reaganite Message for the GOP. Senator Tom Coburn is one of the few Republicans who is still fighting for limited government. Writing in the Wall Street Journal, he warns his colleagues that special-interest deal making and so-called compassionate conservatism have destroyed the GOP’s ability to protect taxpayers. Unless they want to lose more elections, he says, they should return to Ronald Reagan’s vision of small government…

Climate Change Legislation Would Boost the Cost of Government. The Wall Street Journal explains how the global warming movement has generated legislation that dramatically would increase the size and scope of government. A cap-and-trade scheme is a big hidden tax that will substantially reduce economic output…


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