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Media shocked by market forces in home sales, what else is new?

Houses cost money.

The fact that the media is be shocked by the news that new home sales increased in the last month is very telling about their intelligence and ability to even think rationally.  Here’s why…

Remember all the stories about how home prices were going through the roof? 

Then, remember all the stories about how they’ve peaked? 

Then, remember all the stories about how they were “too high” and bound to come down?

Then, remember how they came down? 

Then the government wanted to save everyone from mortgages they signed in good faith, but hasn’t yet?

When the prices dropped to where the properties were worth it again, they started selling.  This is called a correction in the real world, it’s called a “crisis” in Washington, especially in an election year.

Congress should do nothing about the “housing crisis” and allow the market to rebound the way it always has, when not bastardized by the government. 


Global Warming, the biggest scam in human history, keeps getting bigger: UK considers personal carbon ration cards.

Pope Goreus the VI is a very rich man.The hysteria whipped up by the global warming/climate change crowd never ceases to amaze, and the public’s willingness, at least in Europe, to go along with the scams cooked up to “address” it elicits the same reaction. Never mind the fact that the earth has been cooling since 1998, making all the data showing doom and gloom suspect, at best, and a flat-out money/power/liberty grab at worst (where we fall), there’s no money in everything being the way it’s been forever, no money in the earth’s temperature being controlled by the giant fire ball in the sky that gives us all our heat, no money in the truth in this area of “science.” Where there’s no money there’s no power, and no power grab by the government, so it must be ignored.

The latest example put forth to save us from ourselves is an idea in England to issue each person a personal carbon ration card. Each person would be given a set amount of carbon they are allowed to release through heating their home, buying gasoline, plane tickets, pretty much everything but breathing, though a tax on that can’t be too far off. Once they reach the government allowed limit through that pesky polluting activity called living, individuals would have to purchase more credits from people who were home-bound, carless and/or simply always comfortable as far as temperature goes for whatever price the market sets. Until, naturally, someone complains they can’t afford the market price, then the government will set it.

Barely mentioned in the article is the “specialist company” that would be set up to handle the sale of credits between those who have them to spare and those who need them. It would be as simple as a gift card transaction or a PayPal deal on eBay, and really wouldn’t need a 3rd party butting in and taking a cut. But that’s not how the “environmental” movement works, there’s too damn much money in it. Even Pope Goreus the VI, commonly called Al Gore, has seen his personal wealth rise exponentially thanks to the hysterics he’s helped whip up. Al, if we’re all going to die and it’s so important, why not invest your money, then give the profits away to organizations seeking to make a difference? You can’t take it with you. Could it be that all the little carbon offset companies, etc., you pluck your cash into are simply ways to get even more rich? It would explain why you don’t fly commercial over private jets, after all, being asked to sign a few autographs can’t be such a big inconvenience that you need to increase your carbon footprint by a Statue of Liberty every time you want to go somewhere. Who knows, maybe he’s collecting enough cash to build a giant raft? Does a billion float if all tied together by, undoubtedly, hemp rope?

It’s only a matter of time before scams like this become law somewhere, and even a shorter period of time after that they will make their way over here and be assimilated by the Left as a way to save us from the evils of Capitalism.

You’ve been warned, now warn others.


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