Worthy Reads.

Is America Heading for Jimmy Carter Monetary Policy? The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page offers a strong Worthy Reads.critique of the Federal Reserve for its inflationary monetary policy…The Medicaid Swindle. The Wall Street Journal appropriately denounces dishonest schemes by states to bilk the Medicaid program. The answer, as the editorial notes, is to shift the program back to the states. A block grant (hopefully followed by a phase-out of any federal monies) would vastly improve incentives to allocate resources more efficiently, and allowing states to chart their own paths would promote innovation as policy makers began to see which policies are more successful and which are less successful…

Financial Privacy Facing Major Assault from High-Tax Nations. An article from Der Spiegel in Germany analyzes the aggressive campaign against nations like Switzerland that have strong human-rights policies on financial privacy. High-tax nations are opposed to privacy, of course, since that makes it more difficult for them to enforce bad tax law…

But the campaign against financial privacy extends beyond Europe. As a report from the Wall Street Journal indicates, the United States also is putting pressure on Switzerland and other jurisdictions with financial privacy laws…

More Anti-Capitalist Demagoguery from Europe. The Daily Telegraph reports that a number of former high-level politicians are urging more regulation to protect against “casino” capitalism. Even Barack Obama avoids this kind of rhetoric…

Obama’s Anti-Growth Social Security Bailout Plan. Investor’s Business Daily eviscerates Senator Obama’s plan for a huge tax increase on entrepreneurs and other highly-productive taxpayers…

Jail Time, not Gun Control, Is Key to Crime Reduction. Walter Williams explains that putting thugs in jail is the best way to reduce crime. Gun control, by contrast, encourages crime by lowering the risk of being a criminal…

McCain’s Statist Cap-and-Trade Scheme. The best way of describing Senator McCain’s global-warming legislation is to paraphrase Winston Churchill and state that, “Never have so many been asked to pay so much to accomplish so little.” John Stossel, with his usual skill, summarizes the issue…


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