Douchebag of the Week: Laura Richardson

Douchebag of the Week!Who is Laura Richardson, you may be asking yourself, and how does someone you’ve never heard of achieve the the coveted status of Douchebag of the Week?  First of all, she’s a Member of the California House of Representatives, and second, anyone and everyone is under consideration for DBoTW.

Sure, we could have gone the easy route and picked Congressional Democrats for their farm bill SNAFU, but that was too easy, and complete incompetence is hardly rare for them, so they’re graded on a bit of a curve.

Rep. Richardson wins because she, while earning $169,300, has lost one of her houses to foreclosure.  She didn’t lose her house because she couldn’t afford it, she loaned her campaign $60,000, so she’s got some cash, and it’s not her primary residence.  Still, under the bailout bill in Congress now, she would qualify for federal help (our tax dollars) and would probably have taken it.

Rep. Richardson is the personification of the problem with mortgage “crisis,” someone who decides it’s better financially for them to let their house go because property values have dropped rather than keep paying their bills (read: keep their word).  For this selfish move at a time when you think you can get away with it because a tiny minority of mortgage holders are suffering, YOU, Laura Richardson, are our Douchebag of the Week!


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