Massachusetts town seeks to ban the bag, the plastic grocery bag.

Attack of the killer plastic bags!Plymouth, Massachusetts, the settlement founded by the Pilgrims to escape religious persecution is now seeking to impose some religious persecution of their own…on people who use don’t worship at the Holy Church of Global Warming.

The town is considering a flat-out ban on plastic bags for grocery stores and drug stores.  Why?  Because they’re petroleum-based.  (And possibly because they have a hand in making money from garbage like this.)

The bags being targeted are petroleum-based, lightweight, low-cost and water-resistant. They are widely used by businesses and popular with the public. Worldwatch Institute, a Washington-based global research organization with environmental concerns, has long opposed the bags. Americans throw out more than 100 billion plastic shopping bags a year. They end up in landfills, even though they take centuries to decompose, according to a Worldwatch report, and less than 1 percent are recycled. They also clog storm drains, pollute the ocean, harm marine life, and blight the landscape, the report stated.

Who would’ve ever thought that an environmentalist group would release a report that was favorable to their goals?  What a strange coincidence.  Seems you have to give up liberty and choice for the planet, read: the greater good. 

Isn’t is amazing how liberals can run around complaining about and fear-mongering about the government listening in on conversations between two people, neither of whom is in the United States, yet while screaming about a loss of rights that isn’t will actually make small, baby-step moves like this one to literally rob us of our liberty.  Death by a thousand paper cuts, and all for the greater good…just like Fascism.

Hat tip to reader Kurt for the story.


1 Response to “Massachusetts town seeks to ban the bag, the plastic grocery bag.”

  1. 1 goddess
    February 27, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    you are such a fantastic moron. glad i found your site.

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