Wrothy Reads

European Officials Urge More Class Warfare Tax Schemes. Productive people who get rewarded for creating Worthy Readswealth are a “scourge” according to tax-aholic European politicians. But this story, reported in the UK-based Guardian, is more than the typical class-warfare nonsense that one hears from politicians. The story behind the story is that politicians are trying to convince labor bosses -who are seeing rising price levels – to moderate their wage demands, and they figure bashing the rich gives them some moral authority. The real issue, though, is that the European Central Bank should not be following an easy-money policy (the same mistake being made by America’s central bank)…

Senator McCain’s Unseemly Climate-Change Posturing. Holman Jenkins of the Wall Street Journal takes a much-deserved shot at John McCain for his combination of moral preening and statist economics…

Farm Bill Pork-Fest. The Wall Street Journal excoriates the farm bill, which just passed the Senate. The White House has pledged a veto, but the President’s arguments against the budget-busting bill ring hollow since he signed a similar bill in his first term. Nonetheless, this means there is a small chance that the worst excesses of the legislation may be excised before the legislation become law…


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