Damn you, fattie, stop causing global warming!

Pope Goreus the IV, not exactly slender.

Global warming is the cause of, or caused by everything, depending upon who is pushing their particular agenda at any given moment.  Researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (no, we aren’t making that up) now blame the obese for contributing to global warming AND high food prices.  That’s quite a lot of damage done to the planet by people who generally lead a sedentary lifestyle.

How are they contributing to global warming?  Well, it’s not methane, which was our first thought, it’s that they’re do fat that it takes more energy to transport them around.  A bus full of fat people will burn more fuel than a bus full of left-wing Hollywood actors.  Of course left-wing Hollywood types aren’t exactly going to be picked up by a bus after arriving at their destination on their private jet, but that doesn’t seem to matter.  (By the way, you can replace left-wing Hollywood actors with Al Gore anywhere in this post.)

Aside from needing extra gas to haul them around, the chunky set also eats too much of the world’s limited food supply, thus causing the price of food to rise.  No mention was given to the fact that the United States, thanks to the likes of Al Gore and other alarmists, is now burning up about 28 percent of the corn crop, just to use one example, to make ethanol, limiting the corn supply for humans and animal feed and driving up prices.  No, no, it’s the fat guy’s fault.  Well, consider this: Odds are the obese aren’t getting that way because of a diet high in vegetables and fruits.  If donut prices spike you can probably point the finger at them, healthy foods, not so much.

The mere fact that anyone would “study” this is a joke.  That Reuters would report it is, well, typical. 


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