For anyone who thinks the government should be bigger, should do more and tax us at higher rates.

How big is too big?In the month of April the federal government took in $403.8 billion of our dollars and will spend more than $3 trillion this year alone.

Unless Bill Gates is reading this, odds are you have no concept of what a billion dollars is, or even a million, so we’ll put it in perspective for you.

One million seconds is 11 days.

One billion seconds is 33 years.

One trillion seconds is more than 32,000 years.

This year the government will spend more than 3 trillion dollars, or nearly 100,000 years worth of seconds.  Still think the government is too small, doesn’t do enough, isn’t taking enough of our money?  With all the money spent this year, and all the money spent on big government programs since the New Deal and Great Society, you’d think all our problems would be solved, wouldn’t you?

They aren’t because they can’t be.  Individuals have to improve their own lives, government can’t.  But that doesn’t stop liberals from telling people they have the answer.  The only answer is drive and determination on an individual level, but government is too often in the way of that, becoming part of the problem, not the solution.

Remember that next time you vote.


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