Worthy Reads.

Obama Wants America to be a German-Style Welfare State. A German journalist writing in the Wall Street Worthy readsJournal explains that Senator Obama’s proposals to expand the size and scope of government will mean European-style stagnation and unemployment…

Energy Subsidies and Cost-Benefit Analysis. The Wall Street Journal’s excellent editorial page analyzes government data on the the level of subsidies compared to the amount of energy produced. Not surprisingly, solar power, wind power, and ethanol are exposed as being ridiculously inefficient. This does not mean that they will always be uneconomical, but it certainly suggests that market forces should govern energy, not politically-driven subsidies…

Barney Frank’s Housing Boondoggle. The premise of Congressman Barney Frank’s housing bailout bill – rewarding people who made bad decisions – is misguided. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. The Wall Street Journal opines on the many unsavory features of the legislation…


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