Douchebag of the Week – Bernie Ward.

Douchebag of the Week.The competition this week was an easy one when the news broke today that liberal radio talk show host Bernie Ward decided to cop a plea and admit to trafficking in child pornography.  Sure, there were many options, the media and the way they’ve pounced on Hillary Clinton to undercut her fund raising and pressure her to drop out (since they don’t like their party in disarray), or Barack Obama for using code words to try to make John McCain’s age an issue.  But anyone involved in child pornography is the ultimate douchebag.

While we hope Ward spends a long, miserable life in prison, we couldn’t help but notice that his friends (and they were friends) at the Huffington Post have neglected to mention his guilty plea (or much at all about him once his guilt became clear, not even denouncing him).  Funny how liberals love, absolutely love to revel in the misery of some people but attempt to repress and deny that anyone on their side is scum.  Scum knows no political ideology, we can admit it, but the so-called “progressives” can’t, or won’t.  Whatever the reasons, the fact remains.

While Huffington and Kos certainly deserve honorable mention for their dishonestly and hypocrisy on this matter, nothing trumps Bernie Ward’s douchebaggery.  You can read about his plea deal here, but know he is the ultimate douchebag


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