A Case for McCain’s health plan.

Michael Cannon of the Cato institute travels over to the conservative world of National Review and comments on the McCain Health Care Plan, saying his plan is “not perfect”. Coming from Cato, that’s the best praise you may ever see. Which in political reality means McCain has a pretty good plan.

Cannon runs through the plan’s main features quickly, pointing out the best piece is breaking the link between working for someone and having health insurance. Allowing individuals to cover themselves in a cost effective manner should help reinforce America’s entrepreneurial spirit.

He takes some time to point out that once semi-relevant Elizabeth Edwards is completely wrong in all of her diagnostics of health insurance plans, and how she’s wrong.

The moral of the story is McCain has a plan that libertarians can grudgingly accept, and satisfies many conservative ideologies. It’s not perfect, but at least McCain offers a step in the right direction.


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