Worthy Reads.

Radical Anti-Tax Competition Agenda Unveiled by Summers. In a depressing preview of likely policies if Worthy ReadsSenator Obama wins the White House, Bill Clinton’s former Treasury Secretary, Larry Summers, openly admits in a Financial Times op-ed that he would like a global cartel of governments to curtail tax and regulatory competition…

United Kingdom Paying a Heavy Price for Bad Tax Policy. The geese that lay the golden eggs are not happy with the UK’s oppressive and anti-competitive tax system. Tax-news.com reports that another major company is poised to escape the UK tax net while the Business Spectator looks at how tax competition is forcing policy makers to recognize that taxpayers no longer are fatted calves waiting for slaughter…

Another Company Escapes Gordon Brown’s Tax Prison. Ireland and Switzerland are big beneficiaries of the United Kingdom’s punitive tax system. Another company has announced that it is expatriating from England, and this time Ireland is the winner. The UK’s 28 percent corporate tax rate is part of the problem, but the real burden is that the rate is imposed on non-UK income (a mistake also present in America’s tax system)…

More Mandates Equal Higher Insurance Costs. A column in the Wall Street Journal comments on the intellectual aburdity of Senator Obama supporting for health insurance mandates while also complaining about high costs for health insurance…

More Entrepreneurs Escaping Germany’s Punitive Tax Laws. A news report from the Wall Street Journal notes that, thanks to bad changes in tax law, there will probably be an increase in the number of successful Germans escaping to low-tax jurisdictions…


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