Democratic Congress takes a break from naming post offices to celebrate garbage.

Dick Durban's buddy...There is no doubt the government wastes money like it’s an Olympic event and they’re going for the gold, but most of that waste is unseen.  Sure, you get the stories of the $500 hammer and what have you, but there’s so much more out there.

One of the most common bits of waste in the federal government is the “Resolution.”  Resolutions mean absolutely nothing, they’re just a way to make groups of people or events feel important because Congress recognized them.  They’re generally passed without an actual voice vote at the end of a session before a recess.  But they’re aren’t cheap. 

Every resolution passed has to be printed, entered into the record, formatted, framed for the Member to give away and countless other things that require serious man hours of work.  We’ve heard on estimate that pegs the cost of each resolution at $70,000 with all the work involved. While that may sound high, do you really not think it could be true?  This is, after all, the government.

With that in mind, take a look at what Dick Durbin has introduced:

S. Con. Res. 72: A concurrent resolution supporting the goals and ideals of the International Year of Sanitation

Let’s hear it for trash!  Thanks, Senator Durbin, glad you want to recognize the cleaning up of trash on our dime.  That’s the kind of leadership we’ve come to expect from you.


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