News of the Weird, News of the World, News of…Whatever!

News of the Weird!Since it’s Friday…

In our never ending attempt to bring you the news from around the world that you may have missed, here is another bit of the written version of the famed last segment of our podcasts

Story #1

Hey buddy, want to buy some old poop?  Fossilized dinosaur dung sold for $960 at a New York auction this week.  Upon closing the sale, the buyer smacked himself in the head and said, ” I could’ve had a V8, or at least not wasted money on crap that is now a rock.”

Story #2

Everyone has hear someone say, “Man, that car’s got some balls!”  Well, one Florida lawmaker, apparently from the safest place on earth since he has time to deal with this, wants to neuter cars, figuratively.  He has introduced a bill that would ban trailer hitch testicles from cars because he finds them offensive.  Probably reminds him of what he lost somewhere along the way…

Story #3

Talk about a dream job, being paid to drink.  A man in England was looking for a drinking buddy for his eldery dad, so he took out an ad.  Offering $14 an hour plus expenses, needless to say, he found a couple of people for the job.  Damn!

Story #4

How often do you have to pick your nose in public before you “known for it?”  A Taiwanese lawmaker aparently did it a lot because that’s how his political career is being eulogized.  Aside from someone whose hand you would never want to shake, his other charming traits include sleeping on the job, shoving journalists and shouting at people.  He will not be missed.

Story #5

The title sounds like the name of a porno horror movie: “Penis theft panic hits city…” but it’s real.  In Congo police are arresting witch doctors for stealing “members.”  Not really, they aren’t running off this bags full of dongs, it’s in the minds of the victims (seriously), but still, a headline worthy of the New York Post.


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