DC madam kills herself, does it matter?

Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the latest DC Madam, has killed herself rather than face jail time. Washington is buzzing with speculation as to what names are on her list, who will be taken down, etc. When anyone dies someone is upset, they were loved by someone. But it’s hard to really feel sympathy for someone who would do this to themselves.

Prostitution is illegal. That comes as a shock to no one, so you can’t really claim ignorance of the law. Think what you will of that law, think it right or that the government has no business interfering with a private transaction between two adults, it doesn’t matter. There are plenty of dumb laws on the books, but they’re on the books. We’ve broken many laws, and we did so with the knowledge that if we were caught we would face charges, but we did it anyway. It’s hard to have sympathy for anyone arrested in that situation because they knew it was possible and chose to ignore the risk.

Prostitution being illegal isn’t exactly a vague catch-all term that can be randomly applied, you pretty much know what you’re getting into when money is exchanged for sex.

That’s where we have difficulty feeling sorry for the Madam.

Work to change the law if you disagree with it, stand up and fight it with all you have. But if you’re going to break it you know you face consequences. Same goes for marijuana laws. You can complain all you want that you can’t buy pot at the corner store, but you know that going in, it’s part of the bargain.

If you’re willing to break the law you think is wrong, why aren’t you willing to fight that law?

As for the Madam, well, we don’t care. Her clients are just as guilty as she was. We aren’t passing a value judgment on their behavior, but they knowingly broke the law. Any and all elected officials who knowingly break the law should leave office or be removed, no matter what party they’re from.

So release the list, then release the hounds. If those who make and are sworn to uphold the laws won’t follow them, they should go. Then maybe we can have an honest discussion in this country about what the law should be in the first place.


1 Response to “DC madam kills herself, does it matter?”

  1. May 2, 2008 at 9:24 pm

    We have to remind people of the consequences faced by Ms. Palfrey and her client list. We have to remind people that Brandy Britton of Baltimore, also involved in the case committed suicide in 2007. We have to remind people that David Vitter suffered nothing but a little embarrassment, and probably an ass kickin by his wife. We have to remind people that she left her home with a box she claimed “this is my evidence”. This needs to be investigated regardless of the M.E.’s claim. We also most remind everyone of CNN’s radio report on this was delivered in a joking way, which is sick.

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