The UAW has trouble committing voter fraud. Can’t these unions do anything right?

Yes, the UAW is corrupt.The Indiana UAW has run into a bit of bad PR.  Seems they wanted to help their members vote in the upcoming Democrat primary, so they took the liberty of filling out a portion of their members’ application requesting an absentee ballot for them because, you know, those things can be complicated to fill out. 

“…the part of the application that designated what party ballot was being requested in the May 6 primary election, the type of ballot and the reason for requesting an absentee ballot were filled out in advance.”

That didn’t fly and, thankfully, all were rejected. 

Last time we checked the UAW wasn’t able to read minds or see the future, or else they would see their undying loyalty to Democrats is what’s killing their industry, but that doesn’t stop them from trying.  They assumed all 500 of their members were Democrats…interesting. 

You have to wonder if those 500 people had even planned on voting in the primary, or if their union was just going to take care of that for them, too.

Hat tip to election journal.


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