Remember liberty? New Jersey is considering taxing fast food.

There's truth here.It’s amazing that politicians think the people who elected them are too stupid to make any other decisions for themselves.  Being in Washington we can swear to you that politicians are not the smartest group of people you will ever meet, many are simply idiots.  Either they are just plain stupid or have lived a life so disconnected from the reality most people know that if they were forced to fend for themselves they would starve to death within 2 weeks, provided they didn’t poison themselves by attempting to cook chicken first.

Yet they think, no, they KNOW what is best for us.  Be it something large like health care, or something small like what kind of food we should eat, they seek to impose their will on us because they hold us in intellectual contempt.  But it’s actually deeper than that.

They want our money because they know how to better spend it than we do, or so they think.  If they really cared about the things they claim to they would act differently.  But there’s no money in it.

Cigarette taxes are a perfect example of this phenomenon.  Smoking is bad for you, no one claims otherwise, but people are free to choose to do it because people are free…at least for now.  Under the guise of protecting people from the health hazards of smoking politicians tax the hell out of it.  They claim this will stop people from smoking, thereby saving them from themselves.  In reality, if they cared so much, they would seek to ban tobacco.  The only problem with that is there’s no money in it. So taxing it, increasing the price just enough that people will grumble but still buy them, they get more money with which to do their “important” work, like get buildings named after themselves.  Drive through West Virginia and count the Robert Byrd this or that structures you see to get an idea of what we’re talking about.  (For someone who waives the Constitution around and preaches that it’s a sacred document as much as he does, he doesn’t have a problem violating it if it means his name will be carved in stone.)

But smoking is an easy target, a tap-in putt.  People who don’t smoke have been led to believe that the mere existence of a lit cigarette in their zip code will cause them to get cancer and die, even though there is no evidence of second-hand smoke causing cancer, unless you live in a phone booth with a heavy smoker for 50 years.  But facts be damned, there’s money to be made.

The legislature in New Jersey, however, is venturing into a minefield when it comes to “sin taxes,” fast food.

It’s just in the floating around stage right now, but so was prohibition and smoking bans before the first trigger was pulled.

No one who holds elected office will go on record as thinking it’s a good idea, but don’t doubt for a second that in cloakrooms they’re trying to find a way to frame the case.  And people like Maureen Felix are already gearing up to support the surrendering of individual rights for the “common good.”  When asked about the idea, Ms. Felix said:

“I think this country has gone too much in the direction of fast and unhealthy food, and if people are taxed they may terminate that and turn toward more healthy foods.”

Maureen clearly is in tip-top shape, right?  If you watch the video she isn’t obese, but she’s not exactly what someone would aspire to look like.

Still, she’s typical of the problem in this country: people who think they know better than everyone else what’s good for them and are willing to use the power of government to impose it.  The rest of us would just assume be left the hell alone.  But that’s not how liberals work.

So, as stories of food shortages and increasing food costs increase in frequency thanks to ethanol subsidies (again, a “we know better than you” idea about the myth of global warming from our liberal counterparts), think about having to pay more for some of the cheapest life-sustaining food around.  Sure, a salad would be better for you, but people work and don’t always have time for a salad.  Plus, burgers taste damn good.

But remember, eating fast food all the time, or even very often, is unhealthy, will make you fat and shorten your life.  Then eat as much as you want and become unhealthy, fat and die young, it’s your call…for now.

And keep an eye on the people you send to Washington, your state capitol or city hall to “represent” you.  More often than not they’re acting to repress you.


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