Al Franken: Do as I say, not as I do! Doesn’t his pay taxes but wants to raise yours.

Al FrankensteinAl Franken, former comedian and current joke of a candidate for US Senate, just can’t seem to put his past life as a complete hypocrite behind him.  First it was the fine of $25,000 for not paying workers’ compensation for his employees for nearly 3 years, now it’s not paying taxes owed in several states.

Franken owes about $70,000 in back taxes to 17 states for monies earned since 2003.  Franken, being the stand up guy he is, took no responsibility for the SNAFU and simply blamed his accountant.

“What happened is our accountant made a mistake, and all of these are repercussions of that same mistake,” said Franken. “His mistake was not understanding the law, the obligation to pay these state taxes.”

If Franken hires an idiot like that to do his taxes, an accountant that doesn’t “understand” that you have to pay taxes on money earned, just imagine the kind of staff he would have IF he were elected to the Senate. 

Let’s hope the voters of Minnesota aren’t as clueless as Franken and his “people.”


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