Shocker! Obama doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Obama getting his "think" on.Barack Obama illustrates yet another bit of evidence that Democrats and liberals, in particular himself, have no idea how government really works, and do not understand the world around them.

Karl Rove was kind enough to pick up then pen for the essentially flawed candidate, and give him some campaign advice. Part of the advice is to stop bluffing. Obama went on Meet the Press way back in 2006 and advocated for electronic billing of Medicare and Medicaid.

As Mr. Rove points out in his opinion: “the Bush administration, building on the good work of the Clinton administration, already put in place in 2003 a regulation that requires electronic billing of Medicaid and Medicare. ”

Obama was only three years too late in his calling for reform; but like all liberals, “he means well”. What makes this especially scary is that Obama has clearly demonstrated his lack of understanding for these programs and/or their intricacies, yet he advocates for their expansion on a daily basis.

Do you want to pick a president that does not understand how the government functions?


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