Irrational rationing: rice, starvation and Al Gore.

Al Gore needs to stop lying.

There is story after story after story about food shortages, rationing and people hoarding food, and it’s all thanks to Pope Goreus the VI, Nobel Laureate, Al Gore.  How?  Two words: alternative fuels.

With governments mandating more and more ethanol usage, and ever increasing amount of food that would have been consumed by humans and animals is being turned into fuel, even though it is more polluting than regular gasoline.  Just like global warming itself, this is about feeling good, not science.

Farmers grow more of what the government subsidizes because there’s more money it, what means less crops for food.  And we wonder why people are starving. 

This is an obscene joke that has gone on for too long.  It’s time for the media to take a serious look at the “science” behind climate change before it’s too late and millions of people starve to death for myth that will make Al Gore into the ultimate Jim Jones.


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