Worthy reads.

The Looming Fiscal Nightmare of Fannie and Freddie. The Wall Street Journal continues its excellent Give a hoot, get your read on!coverage and analysis of the quasi-socialist federally-chartered mortgage companies…

MIssion Creep and Risky Intervention from the Fed. George Will wisely asks why the Federal Reserve is being given carte blanche to interfere in the economy. This is particularly ironic since, as Will notes, the Fed is at least partially responsible for current market volatility thanks to its easy-money policy…

The Hidden Damage of Subsidies. Thomas Sowell gives the usual argument against subsidies by pointing out that the government robs Peter to lavish favors on Paul. But he makes an equally important point by explaining how subsidies distort prices and lead to resource misallocation. These seem like arcane issues, but they have a profound impact on whether a nation becomes rich or poor…


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