The issue of Net Neutrality is dead.

Net Neutrality is dead.

We’re going to go ahead and call it right now, the push by liberals to pre-emptively regulate the Internet through so-called Net Neutrality legislation is dead. How can we make this call when Google and other multi-billion dollar companies are still willing to shovel money into the cause? It’s pretty simple, really.You can always tell how effective a lobbying effort is, and how important the public views an issue as being by the stature of the celebrities involved in pushing the agenda forward. Poverty has Bono and Angelina Jolie, for example, but Net Neutrality has Ok, Go! and Justine Bateman. Yes, you read that correctly, Ok, Go! and Justine Bateman. Nothing against Ok, Go! or Justine Bateman, Ok, Go! has some good stuff and Justine Bateman is attractive, but really? That’s the best they could pull? Was Skippy from Family Ties busy, or Screech too swamped with Celebrity Fit Club?  The public simply isn’t buying into the hype.

Add to that the fact that no one anyone in the policy world takes seriously supports the idea (unless they got a big Google check, in which case…well) and the pro-regulation crowd seems to be running out of steam. That’s a good thing.

It’s always been a curious thing that uber-leftists do not support pre-emptive war, pre-emptive reform (as in Social Security, though that and Medicare are already really screwed up, we still have time to fix them (though we’d be happier were they scrapped)), but they line up to regulate something based upon the possibility that a problem may develop in the future. Government isn’t the solution, it would be the problem. The free market is the solution.


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