Who knew Mitt Romney was funny?

This is how you can tell that political consultants are ruining politics.  The people running are real people with senses of humor to match their accomplishments (except for Obama, who doesn’t have any).  So here is Mitt Romney giving his top ten reasons he dropped out of the race.


1 Response to “Who knew Mitt Romney was funny?”

  1. April 17, 2008 at 6:58 pm

    If you spent your political life swaying to whatever polarized breeze of votes pulled you then you’ld also need a good sense of humor.

    If you also spent your private life borrowing capitol to buy businesses while laying their workers off to merge them in forming a large company then walk away as soon as it formed you would also need a good sense of humor.

    Humor needs intelligence to be funny, these were grade school intelligence which it appears from your photos you graduated not that long ago.

    Leave punditry to people who actually research who the candidates are rather than viewing video clips to guess who they are as even many of them have titanic intellects in a world of icebergs.

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